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Here’s the thing people are missing about the new Apple TV

This isn’t a 3.0 product, it’s a 1.0 product.

And that camouflage is one of the most brilliant tactics they’ve thrown down on the media battlefield. For one, they’ve only got two of the major TV networks on board 1. Yet, they’ve got a strong relationship and track record with all of them. There’s also no mention of its ability to stream video from you computer to your TV, which has got to show up at some point, even if its through some AirPlay backdoor opening up in 4.2 2.

But those are just details,

The big thing is that, according to Gruber3, it’s running iOS. It also has an A4 chip. It’s going to get apps. It’s that simple. This thing is the iPhone year one. In typical Apple fashion they’re setting up the board before they take that killer blow. This is years of scroll wheel iPods leading up to iPhones and iPads.

My guess is between the new price, rentals and NetFlix we’re going to see strong enough adoption to convince other networks to join up. Let’s say they get all the networks on board, they’ve done it before. Now all we’re missing is streaming live sports events. They add some NetFlix-like service4, that streams sports, to the roster and all of a sudden this is basically the most comprehensive cable TV replacement we’ve seen yet5.

And that’s without apps,

And by apps, I mean games. Sure, the device will see cool news readers, weather apps and a bunch of other really innovative ideas that I can’t even dream of. But, that’s not where the money is. Everyone knows that the video game industry blew TV, Film and the Music Biz out of the water years ago and now dwarfs them in terms of revenue 6. This is the real target and this is the 1.0 security breach, catch ‘em with their knickers down, Apple style attack.

No controller? Meager components? Sure, they’re just buttering us up. This is Apple, their phones are more powerful controllers than anything else on the market (hmmmm) and they make the most screaming PCs known to man. You heard Jobs at the September keynote7, they’ve got the most successful mobile gaming device on the market. So successful it’s grabbed more market share the the rest of the competition put together. A market, mind you, they entered with a phone. A market that was dominated by veterans Nintendo and Sony.

They’re doing it all over again folks and we’re sitting around on iPads, that don’t have multitasking, commenting on the new Apple TV’s lack of features.

1 From the WSJ: “Apple Set to Announce 99-Cent Fox, ABC Rentals”. Note that ABC is actually a subsidiary of Disney (of which, we all know, Steve is the largest shareholder).

2 Apple Rebrands AirTunes as AirPlay via PRN

3 John Gruber, apple high geek, hints at special knowledge of Apple TV being an iOS device.

4Here’s a thought for adding sports to Apple TV, on top of ABC, Disney also owns ESPN.

5“The iPad, and the Staggering Work of Obviousness” an article that completely changed how I look at design. It points out that the iPad’s ace-in-the-hole in terms of adoption is that it was patently UN-revolutionary. The genius of it is that people could grab one and say, “Oh look, a big iPhone”.

6Videogames now outperform Hollywood movies

7Apple September 2010 Keynote.

06. Sep, 2010

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